The Show Will Go On: Denver’s Riot Fest & Sideshow NOT Cancelled!

**UPDATE: New venue announcement can be found HERE, and an official statement from Riot Mike can be found HERE.


Due to circumstances beyond our control and despite lots of support for Riot Fest & Sideshow in Byers, May Farms is no longer available to host Riot Fest. A nearby alternate location will be announced early next week. We know this sucks, we’re as disappointed as you are, but if you could be a little patient with us, we’ll have more information ASAP. All tickets will be honored at the new location. Riot Fest in Denver is NOT cancelled, the show will go on, and rock n roll never dies.

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13 comments on “The Show Will Go On: Denver’s Riot Fest & Sideshow NOT Cancelled!

  1. Check into having the festival at Larkspur. Widespread Panic played 2 nights there one year and it was awesome!

  2. I made non-cancelable hotel reservations near Bennett, will Riot Fest reimburse me if they move the venue too far from May Farms? Sucks… Hope the venue stays closer to east side of Denver.

  3. I just hope the festival stays close to the original location. Proximity to Denver is one of the reasons why I am attending. I prefer to avoid extra expenses just because the festival is moved to a location too far from Denver. I bet this is the same concern for lots of people that live in Denver, already booked hotels within the area (like Joe Martinez posted recently) or who are flying to attend the festival.

  4. Still waiting to receive any official word on the event location. I am hoping for the event to keep the original posted dates and nearby location as I live in Kansas City & have already bought tix for this event since that’s the only weekend I will have off work in September — otherwise I would have went to the Chicago event as I have done previously.

  5. Riot Fest’s Facebook page said it would be the same dates and that they are trying to move it to the next closest place. Everyone needs to calm down they are trying there best.

  6. A calm riotfest… Lol… Im just wondering what “early next week” means. If you don’t have a location yet then say so… Don’t say early next week and then say nothing when it rolls by. Respect your ticket holders.

  7. Hoping to hear word soon, as an event organizer myself I know how much setbacks like this suck so best of luck, truly and sincerely!

    Come to think of it, you know what? Let’s have it at my place. The most I’ve ever had there is about 35 people and it’s all on street parking but it would REALLY piss off my neighbors! I have a bathroom and as long as people are patient I think it could accommodate 30,000 as long as someone is willing to help with the T.P.

    Viva La Riotfest!

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