Does Riot Fest Suck? Well we’re not going to sit around while it continues to suck. Someone needs to step up and do something.

Look. We can bring Riot Fest back. That I will tell you. We’re bringing it back. Okay? And I understand what you’re saying. And I get that from so many people. ‘Is Riot Fest dead?’ They are asking me that question, ‘Is Riot Fest Dead?’ And Riot Fest is in trouble. That I can tell you. Okay? It’s in trouble. But we’re going to get it back and do some real bands. How about that man with the beautiful mohawk? Stand up! Stand up! What a mohawk!

For too many years, Riot Fest has been doing the same thing over and over again. Riot Fest Sucks, Riot Fest is a loser. Well I’m here to tell you it’s time to Make Riot Fest Great Again.

We’ll make Riot Fest so strong, no one and I mean no one, will mess with us. If we win, we will not have to listen to the festivals who are losing the war on lineups, we will make Riot Fest awesome, and we will make Riot Fest great again.

It’s time to make Riot Fest great again, maybe greater than ever before.

(But seriously, Donald Trump is a terrible human and you shouldn’t vote for him. And yes, Donald Trump is banned from Riot Fest)



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3 comments on “Make Riot Fest Great Again

  1. RIOTFEST Chicago was a blast in 2015. I’m eagerly awaiting the first lineup announcement. I’m poor,but not bitching about prices. It was worth every penny! It was great! It is great! Keep up the great work. Best weekend I’ve had in years!

  2. Instead of loading up the VIP area with a bunch of crap, stick with actual amazing viewing areas and the crappers. That’s all real fans want from a VIP area. I paid more, I just want to see the band better. And poop with less of a line, so I can watch more music faster.

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