The Dillinger Escape Plan Are Calling It Quits

dillinger escape plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan announced their sixth album, Dissociation, which comes out on October 14, will likely be their last.

After 20 years, the band announced they are going on an “extended hiatus”. “Is this the end of The Dillinger Escape Plan?!”, they teased in a press release.

DEP vocalist Greg Puciato told AP he wants the world to know this, “…We were free and did what we wanted with pretty much zero regard for rules or expectations or our own past or future. The balance of fucks in our account has never once been above zero.”

Asked about the band’s plans, guitarist Ben Weinman tells Noisey that “We are going to do the cycle for this album and that’s it,” he said. “But there are a lot of things that go into this cycle. We have a full US tour that we’ll be doing in the fall and then we’ll be doing a massive tour in Europe in the winter, and that will probably take us towards playing other areas like Australia or wherever we have to hit. Then I’m sure we’ll come back around and hit summer festivals and figure out what our very last shows will be around that time.”

If you haven’t seen The Dillinger Escape Plan live before, we would highly recommend you do. It’s loud, sweaty, and you might lose an article of clothing.

Listen to ‘Limerent Death’ from their new album Dissociation. And don’t forget, The Dillinger Escape Plan will be performing at Riot Fest & Carnival in Chicago this upcoming September.

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