Dan Deacon Releases Video for His Most Posi Song Ever
"Change Your Life (You Can Do It!) Packs More Motivation Than Every Richard Simmons Video Combined
Stuck in a rut? Feeling down? Your moodiness and attitude problem are are no match for electronic composer Dan Deacon’s new anthem, “Change Your Life (You Can Do It)." Seriously, check out the video below and tell us you don’t feel a little more optimistic…
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10 Questions with Smoking Popes + New Songs!
For the first time in 18 years, the pop-punks release new music featuring their original lineup!
Formed in 1991 in the suburbs of Chicago, Smoking Popes are a favorite in their hometown and beyond for their mergings of melodic punk with vocals influenced by crooners like Frank Sinatra. Today, for the first time since their album, The Party’s Over—a covers collection…
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