Riot Fest is looking for an official jingle for 2016 and we need your help. Submit your jingle and you could win a chance to play it at Riot Fest and be the envy of your friends and enemies. You can be a solo artist, a band, or just a group of smart ass friends who can write a 30 second song. Give us your best, your dumbest, and your funniest.

What does the winner of the Riot Fest Jingle Contest receive?
– You get to play the winning Riot Fest Jingle at Riot Fest, but only the winning Riot Fest Jingle. 30 seconds. That’s it. You will play 10 minutes after the gates open on Friday.
– Your band or artist name will appear on the Riot Fest poster (at the very bottom in a very tiny font).
– You will get VIP tickets for you and your band. If you’re a solo artist, just for you. Bands may be no more than 8 people.
– Winning Jingle will be used in Riot Fest marketing.
– We’ll say nice things about you on social media.

How Do I Submit A Riot Fest Jingle?
Make a 25-30 second jingle about Riot Fest.
Between June 30th and July 15th, upload your Riot Fest Jingle to the Riot Fest Jingle Contest Page on Do312.
Must be uploaded on Soundcloud.
It has to be an original song and composition.
No profanity, we’ll be using the winning jingle in our promo and maybe on the radio.
Jingle will be used in Denver and Chicago, so we’d prefer you didn’t make it too specific to one city.

How Do I Win The Riot Fest Jingle Contest?
4 Finalists Chosen: On Monday, July 18th Riot Fest will announce the 4 Riot Fest Jingle Finalists. (selected by a panel of experts, aka whoever is in the office that day). All finalists will win GA Riot Fest tickets. Winner will receive VIP and all the other cool stuff.
Final Voting: Starting on July 18th, you will be able to vote on-line for one of the 4 finalists and the winner of the Riot Fest Jingle Contest. Voting will end at 12:00pm CST on Monday July 25thth. The finalist with the most votes will be the winner.
(If you or your friends create multiple accounts (or try to use bots to vote for you), it’s cheating, and we will disqualify those votes. So please, don’t waste your time, or ours, cheating.)
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 26th.

Legal Stuff
Riot Fest will own your original Riot Fest Jingle for use in advertising and promo in perpetuity.
All transportation and lodging will be paid by the winning band or artist. Basically, we’ll get you tickets, but you have to take care of lodging and transportation.
Winner will play either Denver or Chicago depending on where the band is located.