The Schedule is Here. The Schedule is Beer.
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Just ONE MORE WEEK until Riot Fest. We’ve never waited this long to have a festival, and we can’t believe it’s almost here. (But also, we can—because we’re totally sweating our butts off over at Riot Fest headquarters right now.) I guess you all need to know what time each band plays on what day. And

The Top 10 Reasons ABBA Should Play Riot Fest 2022
Sign our petition and help us get #ABBAforRiotFest—and then we’ll be having the time of our lives!

If you missed our big news, we’ve launched a major petition to get #ABBAforRiotFest next year (make sure you sign that thing pronto and send it to literally everyone you know). We’re calling upon the now-reunited ABBA to come perform at Riot Fest 2022, because nobody deserves this more than our fans (and, of course,

Head Into Riot Fest with Two New Songs From The Bollweevils
Listen to "Liniment and Tonic" and B-side "Black Hole In My Mind" below

Good news, everyone! We’ve got two new songs from The Bollweevils for you today, marking the group’s first new single in 6 years. Listen below before you catch their set at Riot Fest next Saturday, September 18. “I am beyond excited to release new material after our last single 6 years ago,” says Bollweevils frontman/literal superhero