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We have the still footage from the Cobra Lounge parking lot, and unfortunately it looks like the Riot Fest Bitchin’ Camaro was definitely stolen. Please keep an eye out and let us know if you see anything. I’m sure we can figure out some sort of reward if you find it. No questions asked. We just want it back.




12/08/15: The Riot Fest Camaro is missing. We stopped by Cobra Lounge to pick it up to get the transmission fixed, but it was gone. We don’t know if it was towed, or stolen, or we forgot where we parked it. If you see it, please let us know. It’s a 1990 Camaro. It’s red, and it has Riot Fest logos all over it. Last seen at Cobra Lounge. I know it may seem a little funny, but we would really like to find it. Please email with any details. If you have a printer at home or work, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please print off a missing poster and hang it in your neighborhood. Please share. Thank you.


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  1. SESG may have taken it. Seems like the type of cheap college bro prank they would be into.