We Want to Name A Riot Fest Stage After You

The 'Your Name Here' Stage


Partially because we’re lazy, and partially because you’re awesome, we need your help naming two of our stages at Riot Fest .

We’ve teamed up with RedEye in Chicago and Westword in Denver and are holding a contest giving our fans the chance to have a stage named in their honor at this year’s festival!

One winner will be chosen to have a stage named after them at Riot Fest Denver and another at Riot Fest Chicago!

Yep, *INSERT YOUR NAME HERE*, could be the name of a stage at Riot Fest & Carnival. (We really hope John Stamos enters this contest). Is your name Jake Biniszkiewicz or Christina Kowalsky or Michael Petryshyn? If you win, that would be the stage name.

Do you want to help book bands for your stage? Too bad, start your own festival. But you do get to brag to your friends and family that *Your Name Here* is in lights (or at least a vinyl banner).


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