Daily Riot Fest Roundup
Thursday, November 16th, 2017
http://riotfest.org/2017/11/ruin-thanksgiving-turkey-doritos-flaming-hot-cheetos-funyuns/ How to ruin your Thanksgiving Turkey. http://riotfest.org/2017/11/green-day-gods-favorite-band-releases-greatest-hits-album/ God's Favorite Band, release greatest hits album. http://riotfest.org/2017/11/perfect-circle-releases-music-video-doomed/ New music from A Perfect Circle. http://riotfest.org/2017/11/machine-head-releases-new-single-beyond-pale/ New music from Machine Head. http://riotfest.org/2017/11/jawbreaker-playing-benefit-show-olympia-wa-thurston-county-food-bank/ Jawbreaker announce benefit show in Olympia, Washington. Immediately sell out. TONIGHT! SWINGIN' UTTERS with WESTERN SETTINGS, DARIUS KOSKI, and TOP SHELF LICKERS. Diarrhea Planet has a new…
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Green Day, God’s Favorite Band, Releases Greatest Hits Album
Green Day released a 22-song greatest hits album today titled “Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band". Billie Joe Armstrong said he thinks it’s the perfect soundtrack for our “age of outrage,” and rather than a farewell album, is “sort of like a book of short stories.” “I don’t think…
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