Daily Riot Fest Roundup
Friday, October 13th, 2017
Josh Berwanger from the Anniversary and Radar State analyzes the Friday the 13th film series for us, on account of it's... October! http://riotfest.org/2017/10/riot-fest-sucks-friday-13th-rules/ Good news, everyone! http://riotfest.org/2017/10/good-news-supervolcano-erupt-sooner-expected-kill-us/ New Stranger Things trailer! Spooky! http://riotfest.org/2017/10/watch-the-new-trailer-for-stranger-things-season-2/ Preview the new Knuckle Puck platter, Shapeshifter, please! http://riotfest.org/2017/10/stream-new-knuckle-puck-album-shapeshifter/ We interviewed the Front Bottoms in honor of their new album,…
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