New Venue Announced For Denver’s Riot Fest


Riot Fest & Sideshow in Denver. Thank you for being patient this past week. We are thrilled to announce the new venue will be Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium in downtown Denver located at 1701 Bryant St, Denver, CO 80204. All tickets will be honored at the new location and refunds for those who purchased camping spots will be forthcoming.

We have a lot of information for you, so please read everything carefully.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t want YOU or US in their town. Since we were forced to move Riot Fest away from its inaugural home in Byers, CO, we are bringing Byers to you at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium in downtown Denver on Sept. 19-21st. Plans include turfing the parking lot of the stadium and bringing all the things to love about a farm (tractors, hay bales, etc) together with all the things to love about a fair (rides, pie eating contest, apple bobbing, etc).


Thank you Riot Fest fans and family for being patient this past week and thank you for standing alongside us. And even though Riot Fest will be at Mile High Stadium this year, we have officially filed an appeal with Arapahoe County as of this morning because we know we are right. Again, all tickets will be honored at the new location and refunds for those who purchased camping spots will be forthcoming.


Yes! All tickets previously purchased for Denver’s Riot Fest & Sideshow will be honored at the new location at Mile High.

We are very sad to be forced to leave Riot Fest & Sideshow’s inaugural home at May Farms but are confident that Mile High will be well suited for the fest! A full statement from festival owner Riot Mike can be read HERE.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we were not able to have the festival at May Farms as originally planed. The fest will now be held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and we are confident that Mile High will be a great alternate venue as it is conveniently located right in downtown Denver. Moreover, the folks at Mile High are allowing us to bring May Farms look and feel to Denver! Take a look at our updated festival map HERE.

We are so sorry that we can no longer offer onsite festival camping. A refund will be issued to the credit card used to make the purchase, and you will receive a refund confirmation via email. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for funds to appear back in your account. We understand that refunding will not solve your lodging situation, but to help accommodate your lodging needs we would like to extend some exclusive hotel options at discounted rates. Please keep an eye out from an email from Ticketfly with more information.

Free onsite parking will be available at the Mile High grounds on a first come come, first served basis!

3-Day VIP passes include the following:
– Admission into Festival Grounds, 09/19 – 09/21
– 5 beverage tickets
– Two VIP Lounges with plenty of shade, tents, and picnic tables, with direct sight lines to main stages
– Express Entry Gates
– Expanded Bar Options not available in GA
– Complimentary Bottled Water
– Air Conditioned Restroom Trailers
– Complimentary Cell Phone Charging
– Re-entry privileges

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54 comments on “New Venue Announced For Denver’s Riot Fest

  1. What will the options be for re-entry? Will you allow outside food or drinks? What about public transportation? This is a real bummer for those of us that were planning on camping out.

  2. Are you going to refund tickets for those who are camping? We were going because we had in and out capabilities near the venue. Do not want to not be able to get to our camping spot… Definitly don’t want the VIP tix if there isn’t camping. So at the very least you are going to let us downgrade to non VIP tix since the in/out is worthless, correct?

  3. I want a refund. I’m am thoroughly displeased that the camping has been canceled and the venue moved to a crappy stadium.

  4. This is my question as well. VIP’s in and out was the biggest value to the ticket and now it’s like the non-VIP ticket. Will you detail sometime soon what’s going to make the VIP ticket price awesome at the Mile High venue? I’m really happy it’s still going on. I hope next year gets sorted out and back in Byers. You guys did great getting a new venue quick in a pinch!

  5. I don’t want to go anymore now that it isn’t a camping festival. It takes away the whole atmosphere of escaping the city and hanging out with a group of like minded folks. Are you going to offer refunds for tix for those of us who do not want to go to Riot Fest at all anymore?

  6. Will we have in and out privileges during the day? Need to see if we should prioritize closest hotels or best hotels.

  7. VIP is now 5 drinks and free water for $100. The reason everyone bought vip was in/out privileges where they could go to their camping area at their leisure. Some people are older and we’re excited to experience a festival without having to be at the gig or in the stadium parking lot the entire 3 days. Are you going to refund the tix or at least refund the difference from vip to regular tix? The VIP to us is worthless now. Not to mention we have to find lodging that will obviously be much more expensive than the camping was. You guys are upset with some people in Byers for doing the wrong thing. Not respecting vip/camping customers by not refunding their money is wrong as well. If it still has value then refund tix to those that want it.

  8. So what kind of discount are we getting since we had planned to camp and thats the only reason we bought the 3 day pass ??? The mile high parking lot was the best we could do ? What is this? Warped tour ? Soooooo friggin disapointed ….

  9. Same question here as Dave above. Plus, if we can’t camp onsite at the new venue, it makes it pretty useless for us. We are from out of state. Bring all we needed to be self contained. didn’t have to drink and drive, etc etc etc. Refund of music festival tickets should be an option now as well since camping is why alot of us were coming from out of state.

  10. I’m with Dave. $100 for 5 drink tickets and bottled water at a venue I can exit regardless of my VIP status changes from a good deal to a ticket scam. Please do the right thing and give the option for the refund for those of us who wish to downgrade our tickets.

  11. First time I have heard about the Riot Fest….husband and I immediately bought tickets and a hotel (we are flying in from Ca). Literally, the day we bought/ booked, this change of locale info came in 🙁 I know I could map it, but am working…can anyone familiar with the Byers/ Denver area tell me how far away these places are from each other? We are staying at a Denver Airport hotel- will the new location be closer to us?

    And remember….old punks never die!


  12. Agree with Dave. Are we allowed to go in and out of the stadium at all, or once we are in we must stay for the day?

    If we are allowed in-and-out, can we bring campers/RVs for use in a day-use sort of way (obviously not spending the night in them)?

  13. no faq about VIP…….what is this i hear about free drinks. I DO NOT WANT FREE DRINKS……I want info regarding what I will get for paying almost twice the amount of a regular ticket. Free Parking? Shade? Better Seats? Separate Entrance? What? Or do I need to just dispute the charges with my bank and then buy the cheaper tickets?

  14. It’s unfortunate to have to venue change, and I am glad camping passes are being refunded. The main concern I have, like many others, is now in the value of having a “VIP” 3 day pass. The biggest advantage was in/out privileges. It was a huge convenience to be able to walk back to a campsite for a few hours. Now leaving the stadium means having to deal with traffic, parking, and depending on where I can find a reasonable hotel, the distance to drive. And keep in mind I am making a 8+ hr drive from out of state just to make this festival. For the amount I paid, I feel like I have been cheated out and ripped off. Will there be any type of compensation for this?

  15. My name is Danielle Kaufman. I run The [email protected] Store with my mother, Michelle Noon. We just heard the news that Riot Fest is going to be at Mile High Stadium this year. Even though we are very very sad that it is not going to be in Byers, CO this year, we appreciate the amazing support that we have received from Riot Fest, Soda Jerk, and May Farms! We are also very moved that you have named a section of the event after our store! My mother and I came out here after the announcement of Riot Fest last year. I grew up with this music and it is a HUGE part of who I am. Byers has also become a big part of me and even though there are a large amount of people who do not know how to treat, react or even talk to me because of how I look, there are also a lot of people who have been very Welcoming. I live in Denver metro but, have come love this town and eventually move out here! I hope that all of the Riot Fest fans will come back out to visit the town and The [email protected] Store!

  16. I bought tickets and campsite early on with 6 friends, we can not afford a hotel for the whole weekend and were looking forward to this awesome lineup and camping, how do we get full refunds on the concert tickets ??

  17. Disappointed is an understatement. I want my money back and now. No camping, pointless VIP… I spent $1500 and am coming from out of state. Now we must find a hotel at a “discounted rate” of $120 a night? And drive to and from the venue each day? And be in a crappy stadium? With two stages right next to each other? No camping? VIP means 5 drink tickets? And even if we have re-entry “privileges”, we get to hang out in a parking lot? Now we have to be in the middle of the city in Denver? It takes away every single reason we purchased VIP tickets and planned on driving 1100 miles to attend. Sound quality, atmosphere, and convenience for your customers have all been thrown away. I believe you should provide refunds now since this is a COMPLETELY different event than what was advertised. I am thoroughly disappointed with the outcome of this and cant wait to hear how it will be remediated.

    It also does not help that you have no phone number or customer service line to help ease some situations. This just seems very poorly planned.

    1. $120 a night for hotel? Wow – I only wish! We tried to book within a couple of hours of hearing about the new venue, and the cheapest hotel that we could find near the Sports Authority was $267 a night, plus tax.

  18. My biggest question is how can I become involved in the appeal? Especially for us in the area. Will we get a chance to speak and reject this decision in a civil manner? I think it would be great to strike while the iron is hot and maybe lay groundwork towards the long-term future of the Riot Fest in Denver…

  19. Same question as the rest of the people. Are we going to have any advantage being the keepers of V.I.P. passes? I think we should have the option of being refunded for our V.I.P. passes if there is no compensation for having them. Bigger discounts on rooms, free shuffle, privileges of meeting the bands? anything for the extra money that us fans forked out for them

    1. Dear Dave,
      Your were dooped. Due to ineffective concert management you have paid money to a concert in a parking lot. Due to there unwillingness to own up they will not be offering any refunds or compensation of any sorts. Your concerns are not important to them. Thanks.

  20. With all due respect to the change. Riot Fest should allow in and out to anyone that had purchased a camping permit or VIP entrance. I’m not against the new venue due to the circumstances, but to be forced to stay for 12 hours plus on a hot asphalt surface really sucks. What are the chances of allowing the in and out? This would be nothing more than Warp tour for multiple days.

  21. Dave has a good point. I don’t see the purpose of this if there is no response or consideration to the comments and questions. Originally riot fest was a different experience for a music festival. Now it’s only comparable to warped tour and the rockstar mayhem festival. I would like to have the option for a full refund or even a partial refund because I do not see the value in spending the amount of money I did on tickets.

  22. We can all voice our opinions and concerns, but in the end these people got their money so they could care less. Riot Fest went from an orignal, different experience, to Warped Tour with hay bales and a few rides thrown in. It would be awesome to have the option for a full refund because it has turned into a completely different event than what was originally advertised. To sum it up, im simply disappointed. As Dave said above, it would be awesome to get some type of response.

  23. I too, would like a full refund. The only appeal to me was a camping festival. I sure hope you are planning on issuing refunds, as this is COMPLETELY different from what I purchased. I have ZERO interest in hanging out in a stinky, crowded city.

  24. People need to quit complaining like little bitches!! This is riot fest not the fucking lilith fair!! Shut the fuck up & riot or stay the fuck home… Weezer,Nofx & SLAYER!!!! In the same night? Denver will riot!!

  25. Im wondering about the vip pass benefits now also. Without the camping and re-entry ability. I dont really want to go. Not for the price ive paid anyway. If someone could could clear this up would be nice.

  26. You all sound like a bunch of pussies. Do you have any idea how @#$%ing complicated it is to stage an event like this? First they are discriminated against by the authorities and now tossed under a bus by the fans?

    Have a little faith the promoters are working diligently to figure out all these concerns and address as best they can.

    I’ve got VIP tickets myself, and was going to camp so I’m in the same boat as all of you, but I’m also not a whining bitch so I’ve got a hotel already and still plan on having the time of my life.

  27. Just a thought…. In case anybody is reading this… Me how about unlimited carnival rides for the VIP ticket holders?

  28. You could try to use the Country Jam facilities over in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was made for this type of festival. It has a large attached campground, multiple stages, a VIP area. It’s in a rural area. Other than the name, it was taylor made for this.

  29. That paragraph unfortunately pretty much nails it. What a joke. Did they think everyone would be all “yay!!! Punk never dies!”…. This is not what it was advertised as. If your still excited more power to you… They killed the 3 day action for me. I might do Friday in this local… But 3 days on a parking lot? I’ll pass.

  30. Why file an appeal? They don’t want you there. Throw in the towel and be stoked that you have the ultimate venue that allows those traveling to save hundreds of dollars. Now most that are flying in won’t have to rent cars to drive to Bum Fuck PoDunk Byers. Embrace the change.

  31. I’m beyond disappointed – this was to be our big vaca for the year, and now I have expensive VIP tickets that are worth squat, and a hotel reservation that’s terribly overpriced and probably an hour drive from the new venue (with the traffic that will abound during the fest). This has gone from being a Bonnaroo type experience to being just another sweaty, noisy, frantic and stressful music fest no different than what I could have had if I’d just stayed home in Chicago. We wanted to do something different this year by going to Denver – boy, do we feel like idiots. We’ll be spending four times the money and twice the time to have half as much enjoyment.

  32. Like many of the other people on here, we are asking what is the benefit of owning VIP tickets if I am stuffed into a football field, and forced to stay all day. Although the line up is great, the hotels in the area are way to expensive!! This is a great disappointment and my wife and I are seriously thinking about not attending, and selling our tickets. The whole outdoor experience was one of the highlights of the 3 day show. Camping near the event and entering and leaving when I choose also was a benefit, and a reason I felt 500+ dollars was worth paying! Now I am not sure this event is worth 300 to us. For those of you coming from out of town, it sucks that the event will not be the same this year. Just think about our new laws and maybe try to enjoy the crappy, stuffy, over commercialized “Sports Authority Field”.

  33. VIP Includes:
    – Admission into Festival Grounds on Sept. 19th
    – Two VIP Lounges with plenty of shade, tents, and picnic tables, with direct sight lines to main stages
    – Express Entry Gates
    – Expanded Bar Options not available in GA
    – Complimentary Bottled Water
    – Air Conditioned Restroom Trailers
    – Complimentary Cell Phone Charging
    – Re-entry privileges

  34. We need an answer Riot Mike. A lot of others want a refund, not just campers. It’s not anyone’s fault but but the organizers that you started selling tickets before the venue was solidified. Here’s a frequently asked Question: How can I get a refund for a single or 3 day pass?

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