The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves On His Debut Band and the Fight for Reproductive Rights
The co-founder of The Satanic Temple gives us the exclusive on his new musical project with Dave Lombardo—and on the latest legal battles the Temple is charging against

As co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple (TST), Lucien Greaves has been playing a key role in shifting conversations about the separation of church and state through campaigns that include erecting a Baphomet monument on public grounds, to ensure equal representation. In addition to leading the nontheistic religion’s ever-growing activism, Greaves has completed his

Meet Mikey Fivebucks, the Guy Who’s Trying to Launch a Catnip Dispensary
Catnip Dispensary Inc. hopes to raise $4,105 to sell Fivebucks’ homegrown, high-quality catnip to the masses

For many folks who work at Riot Fest, Mikey Fivebucks is a very familiar face around the festival grounds each year. Usually rocking a half-shaven, half-bearded face that’s pretty hard to miss, his name comes from the fact that he does a lot of crazy shit for (you guessed it) five bucks. But if all

King Buzzo on Solo Work, Collaborations, and Why Melvins 1983 is the Closest You’ll Get to the Original Lineup
The Melvins frontman reflects on past projects like Fantômas and Crystal Fairy—and looks ahead to Working with God, the new Melvins record

For our latest Autodiscography, we catch up with the always-opinionated, never-resting Buzz Osborne (better known as King Buzzo) of Melvins—a band vital to the development of the Seattle grunge scene, from its infancy in the early to mid-80s to its apex in 1994. That’s when the bona fide alt-rock movement came to a screeching halt