that dog.’s Anna Waronker On ‘Old LP’ and Getting Advice From Randy Newman
A chat about songwriting, nolstalgia, and getting the band back together

As the 1990s recede further into the distance, they become a more fabled time for music in general, and “alternative/indie” rock in particular. Time has smiled considerably on a variety of bands under that broad umbrella, who were perhaps popular at the time, but not instantly considered the stuff of legend. that dog. are definitely one

I Made Slipknot Pumpkins And Blew Them Up
A how-to on making nu metal pumpkins (and then destroying them)

Ah, fall time in Chicago, the season that lasts for about a solid week. Meaning you have to cram in as many autumn traditions as possible in a few short days. Getting your flannels together to layer up with? Sure. Ordering your favorite form of pumpkin spice at the local corporate chain store? I guess.

Porn Stars, Drugs & Leather Drenched in Blood: An Alternate History of Vampires on Film
Brush up on your bloodsucker knowledge with this handy guide

The vampire movie is one of the richest and most adaptable traditions in movie history. Bram Stoker’s epistolary novel Dracula alone has inspired dozens, if not hundreds, of adaptations of varying cost and quality, each with its own unique angle, from FW Murnau’s legally murky quasi-adaptation Nosferatu to Bela Lugosi’s bow as the first Universal

The Best In Grotesque: Riot Fest’s Favorite Gonzo Horror SFX
A list of the most hilariously repulsive special effects in horror films

Some (boring) people rag on horror movies for being formulaic, but we honestly can’t think of an art form that offers a wider variety of visceral and psychological surprises. Good jump-scares and unsettling gore might seem an easy way to make an audience jump and squirm, sure, but it takes an under-appreciated degree of imagination