It’s Showtime: The Riot Fest Halloween Special is October 30 & 31
Three live performances, two classic horror flicks, and a fang-tastic costume contest

We have no intention of spending Halloween alone. So that’s why we’re inviting you out for two nights of frights at the Chicago Drive-In for The Riot Fest Halloween Special, a bone-chilling weekend of three live performances, two classic horror flicks, and a costume contest at the Chicago Drive-In on October 30 & 31.

The Ethical Slut’s Guide to Halloween Costumes in 2020
A horny how-to on responsibly celebrating Halloween during a pandemic

This has been a tough year for sluts. For everyone else, too, sure—but I don’t want the specific plight of sluts to get lost in the shuffle. While businesses are losing profits and even shutting down, so too are our body count gains coming to an absolute shrieking halt. Our holes are shut down for