Riot Fest Is Getting Its Own Garbage Pail Kids.
No, Seriously.

Excusively at Riot Fest Chicago

Somehow the wonderful people at Topps approved Riot Fest to have its very own Garbage Pail Kids Series just in time for the festival next week in Chicago (Sept. 16-18). And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When we caught word that this would be actually happening, we immediately called some of our Riot friends to see if they’d be into having their own Garbage Pail Card. And within hours, Riot Fest Series One Garbage Pail Kids was born. And it’s fucking awesome:

1) NOFX (“Fat Mike”)
2) The Lawrence Arms (“The Lawrence Harmed”)
3) Naked Raygun (“Ray Gun”)
4) Descendents (“Mad Milo”)
5) Riot Fest (“Riot Festus”)
6) Andrew WK (“Awesome Andrew”)
7) Taking Back Sunday (“Taking Back Tidal Wave”)
8) GWAR (“GWAR Noir”)

These exclusive cards will ONLY be available in limited quantities at Riot Fest Chicago. And, by limited, we mean limited. So, if you want a pack—which contains the entire series—be sure to visit the Riot merch area on Friday because something’s telling us they won’t make it past the day.

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