10 Questions with Smoking Popes + New Songs!
For the first time in 18 years, the pop-punks release new music featuring their original lineup!
Formed in 1991 in the suburbs of Chicago, Smoking Popes are a favorite in their hometown and beyond for their mergings of melodic punk with vocals influenced by crooners like Frank Sinatra. Today, for the first time since their album, The Party’s Over—a covers collection…
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All Time Low Releases Live Video for “Take Cover”
The band releases its second live DVD on September 9
Maryland four-piece All Time Low have released “Take Cover” and accompanying video from their upcoming live CD/DVD combo, Straight to DVD II: Past, Present and Future Hearts (out September 9 via Hopeless Records). The set is the follow up to its 2010 live album, Straight…
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Slayer Unleashes Final Video in Trilogy, “Pride in Prejudice”
Danny Trejo and Jason Trost are back, and things are bloodier than ever.
After a long holiday weekend, it's only expected that part of your brain is still lingering on vacation. Well, thanks to Slayer, you'll be fully alert in no time. "Pride in Prejudice" is the third in Slayer's BJ McDonnell-directed video trilogy for the band's latest album,…
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Die Antwoord Releases Video for “Banana Brain”
Cape Town-base rap/rave group releases a drug-addled new video from their upcoming album.
Cape Town's Die Antwoord has released a new video for "Banana Brain" off of their upcoming album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid. The video starts with Yolandi, dressed in a pure, white, "innocent"-looking dress, drugging her parents' tea before getting in Ninja's car for a night…
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Researchers Use “Pop Music vs. Screamo” Experiment to Study Cooperation
Results Unsurprising
Do these Riot Fest-ers look more cooperative or uncooperative to you? Inspired by the use of music as “added value” in retail settings, researchers at Cornell University launched a study to explore the effects of music on employee mood. By playing participants a sampling of “happy”…
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10 Questions with Meat Puppets
Image by Jaime Butler Meat Puppets’ eclectic mix of alternative, psychedelic rock, outsider country and folk (among other styles), and unusual balancing act between warm, laid-back atmospheres and far-reaching, complex experimentations has made them a musical force unlike anything else. Formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980,…
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